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New College Lanarkshire
Design and Technology Worldskills UK Training Manager - BIM

The Company

Education, grades and success shouldn’t be determined by the spec of computer that you can afford. That’s where Remel Marcelle and Kevin of Cumulus1 have come to our aid. I have been working with them over the past couple of weeks to make sure that next year’s classes at New College Lanarkshire are as successful as they would be if we were working (normally) face to face. We won best #BIM training programme already and we don’t intend to let our standards slip just because we cannot meet face to face for a while.

The Challenge

I can honestly say after a 2 week trial that I have found their virtual machine to be faultless and it has helped me enormously in the transition to working virtually instead of face to face. It also answers a lot of my questions for next year on the delivery of the highly technical training we provide such as how do we enable students to practice outside of our labs? Practice really does make the difference in learning, and we think we have the solution now in Cumulus1 virtual computers.

The Solution

I have seen so many of my current students this year struggle to complete even simple tasks at home as they cannot afford to purchase a CAD machine capable of handling their end of year project. We all rely heavily on the resources and CAD labs in the college, even me.

We think we gace the solution now in Cumulus1 virtual computers

the power of supercomputers, at your fingertips.

Cumulus, everything we do
we do it with love

Think about it. You are set in the Bahamas, with your smartphone. You hit 2 buttons, you now have a supercomputer within your phone, with fastest internet in the world. The possibilites are endless.