The startup “valley of death” lies in between startup success & startup failure and it’s the worst place.
Panda Marketing
Manager & Co Founder

The Company

Panda Marketing is a creative agency supporting all areas of business development; from improving activities on the Internet and social media, through the preparation of marketing materials to communication internally and externally for enterprises.

Panda is founded by a group of several specialists in various fields; experienced programmers, graphic designers, copywriters and PR specialists. They deal with building the brands of organisations and create effective communication with clients, business partners and employees. They take care of each client individually, personalise actions in terms of expected results and always deliver.

The Problem

Panda were experiencing issues with the current legacy hardware when they were rendering and post processing animations. This was beginning to cause delays and threatened to push projects past their deadline so Panda investigated refreshing their on premise hardware with next generation technology.

The Solution

When they compared the cost of new hardware versus outsourcing to Cumulus1 they were shocked, especially when you consider that their assets start to depreciate day 1 and new technology will be released the following year.

Panda have been able to realise 300% improved rendering speeds when processing their Blender projects

the power of supercomputers, at your fingertips.

Cumulus, everything we do
we do it with love

Think about it. You are set in the Bahamas, with your smartphone. You hit 2 buttons, you now have a supercomputer within your phone, with fastest internet in the world. The possibilites are endless.