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Social Chaps
CEO & Co Founder

The Company

Social chaps are a global marketing and sales agency providing solutions from content to paid media campaigns.

The Challenge

When COVID-19 hit, they still had to equip their creative team who were used to working in an office and having the equipment to use, locally. They no longer had that.

The Solution

With anywhere1, Social Chaps provided each creative team member a login, allowing them to work remotely and access the software they needed, which their current devices couldn't handle.

This is one of the biggest breakthroughs we've had in the business in years.

The Results

This has allowed Social Chaps to scale their creative team, give access to freelancers and also move the company fully remote.

the power of supercomputers, at your fingertips.

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we do it with love

Think about it. You are set in the Bahamas, with your smartphone. You hit 2 buttons, you now have a supercomputer within your phone, with fastest internet in the world. The possibilites are endless.