Why Cumulus1?

At Cumulus1, we aren't just a technology company. We're a movement. Pushing to do things differently and utilise every single device. We're for the future.

Connecting people and technology.

We believe good things come when we connect people to the best possible technology they can have available. This is where Cumulus1 was born. We strive to make sure each client, whether a freelancer or a global organisation has the same experience.

Decentralised Compute

Cumulus1 is a decentralised compute platform, sourcing compute from a global network of idle capacity found within data centres and from MSPs. By wrapping this compute with relevant applications and tools, we can deliver targeted and valuable services directly to our customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional vendors.

Meet Our
Talented Crew

Remel Marcelle

Founder & CEO

Peter McConnell



Senior Sales Engineer

Dominique Ramsay

Operations Manager
Social Media Coordinator

Rianat Wahab